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Indian food looks amazing and tastes better! This section of India In Your Home was created so we could all share recipes together. Listed below are some Indian recipes we have tried and we thought were definitely worth sharing! In other words, we highly recommend them! First, let's talk a little bit about recipes from India. They're unique and flavorful because they're commonly cooked with distinct spices and herbs that tickle and excite your taste buds, while awakening your senses!

Recipes from India are generally known to be spicy, but the level of spiciness can differ greatly from state to state of India. For example, Southern Indians, throuh family tradition, eat very spicy dishes, while Indians in the western states, such as Gujarat, traditionally eat milder dishes.

Of course, people can incorporate the style and manner of cooking from other regions into their own kitchen and cook whatever they want!

Food in India has been influenced through interaction with the people of Persia, Greece, Mongols and West Asia. The colonial period introduced European cooking styles to India, which helped to make the dishes even more diverse!

Indian cuisine is fun to make and recipes include appetizers, the famous Chai tea, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and of course desserts. Some people in India don't eat meat of any kind, while others do eat fish, chicken, eggs and other meats.

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Before my first experiences with real Indian food, I thought vegetables were nothing more than a side dish to complement meat. Often times, I found vegetables bland, but a lot of India's vegetarian dishes are even more savory and flavorful than most meat dishes served in the United States! And of course, meat recipes cooked using traditional Indian spices, like Chicken Tiki Masala, are delicious too!

So, let's get you started on cooking some great recipes! If any of the ingredients are unfamiliar to you, it's because they are probably unique to Indian grocery stores. Some of the spices can be difficult to find in non-Indian grocery stores, but don't worry, Indian grocery stores are usually quite easy to locate, and you probably have one very near to you!

Like I said, we have tried and love these dishes! Click on any of the following for recipes to get cooking!

A great site to reference when you need help familiarizing yourself with cooking ingredients is the Cook's Thesauras.

Samosas - India's famous fried appetizer treat

Cauliflower, Potato and Pea Vegetarian Dish

Dal and Rice - The Soup dish of India

Chai - the delicious and spicy tea of India

Poori - Traditional Indian fried bread

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How to make Paneer Discover how to make this famous cottage cheese dish..

Indian Dosa Not rated yet
Ingredients: 3 cups parboiled rice (washed and soaked overnight)1 cup urad dal, also referred to as black gram or black lentils (washed and soaked …

Moong Dal Halwa
Moong Dal HalwaMoong Dal Halwa is a classic recipe that is relished throughout Rajasthan. It is a popular Indian sweet often served in parties. It is...

Dal Makhani
Dal Makhani, a flavourful robust lentil preparation, is a celebrated delicacy from Punjab. Rajma and whole urad provide protein and calcium which are extremely...

Soy Chicken Masala
This easy substitute chicken recipe is perfect for vegetarians and will leave you craving for it every week! The nutty creamy texture of peanut butter...

Mango Lassi

3 cup plain yogurt, 1 cup water, 1 cup mango pulp (Canned Mango Pulp), 1/4 cup sugar.

Directions: How to Make Mango Lassi In a pitcher...

Kadhai Paneer
Kadhai Paneer has an irresistible flavor with the blend of Green Bell Peppers, dried fenugreek leaves and the cardamom. Very healthy and nutritious dish...

Have a Delicious Indian Food Recipe that Should be Shared?

Know a great Indian dish? Share your recipe for a main course, appetizer or dessert that you love!

Check Out these Other Indian Food Recipe Submissions

Click on the links below to see some great recipes for Indian Food. They were all written by other visitors to this page, just like you.

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