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Welcome to India In Your Home's Contact Us page. We're so glad you chose to explore India with us! Our site is always growing because we are constantly adding more information and features for you!

It's important that you keep coming back to visit because there is always something new for you to see. A great way to keep up with our growing interactive community is to sign up for our free RSS feed and our free newsletter so you always know when new information has been added to India In Your Home.

We strive to provide fun, informative and relevant content; this is our main goal. As a matter of fact, we diligently work to add new pages of important content all to time. If you feel like there is something missing from our site, or if you think that we could do something better than we do, please tell us.

We plan to add a fun feature to more of our pages that will allow you to post your own content or photo on many of our pages! This fun feature is already available on our Indian Food page and our Gandhi page. Theseare two of our most popular pages,so be sure to check them out!

Again, we appreciate and welcome your feedback. Did you find our site family friendly, informative and fun? Do you feel like you received a better understanding of India, or do you feel there is a topic missing that we should explore? We would love to hear from you. Please be sure to view our pages on India History, Geography, Culture, religion and more to get a good feel for India!

Please reach out to us by filling out the form below with your questions, comments or suggestions and we will respond to you at our earliest opportunity. Thanks again and have a great time exploring India In Your Home!

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