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Connect with the Culture and History of India

Welcome to India In Your Home! If you're interested in learning all about India, you're in the right place. You can learn about the culture and history of India here. You can learn about Indian food, the Indian People, Bollywood and so much about the culture here.

Do you want to learn about the Government of India? , the geography of India and population of India. We have a collection of recipes of how to cook Indian food too. If you like to travel, we have information for you about many popular tourist destinations that are fun to visit, and so much more. We are working hard to bring the Country and experiences of India to you. There are many exciting pages of information about India, which you can access using the navigation menu to the left, or the other navigation menu at the bottom of the page.

We have collected the most in-demand, quality information about the Country of India and included it here for you. We created this website full of quality information about India because we have been to India and we were so enthralled by the culture, the sights, the smells, the sounds, and the people of India, that we wanted to spread the word about how great India is! India is such a great place with beauty and vibrant color all around! There really is no other country like it in the rest of Asia or anywhere else in the world.

During our last trip to India, we visited the State of Gujarat, where we met so many great people! We then ventured out across India to visit other exciting places, like Jantar Mantar, the Lake Palace, the Taj Mahal, the City Palace, and many more travel destinations! We an elephants and a camel, and emerged ourselves in the culture of India every chance we had. We also had some of the best and most flavorful food that we had even eaten. Through it all, we had a great time interacting with the kind people we met in India.

We learned a lot about the unique cultural philosophies, the history, and the people. We even had the opportunity to attend two Indian weddings during our trip! It is one of the best experiences you can possibly imagine. We love this great country and we wanted to provide others with an online experience that provides visitors with valuable information and India culture and history and we hope you enjoy it!

When we returned home from India, we realized how special India is. The Country of India has a special place in our hearts and I am certain that anyone would agree that it is incredible! We wanted to create a place to share it with you! Whether you are here for educational information, a fun discovery, to find Indian Food recipes, or any other purpose, we are glad you are here!

Alright! Enjoy learning all about the Country of India!

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What would you like to discover? On this site, you can explore the nation's ancient and present culture, or trace landmark events through pages about its ancient, medieval and the modern history of India. You can locate the country on a physical map, learn about its diverse geography, topography and population, or discover travel destinations with travel advice from people who have been there.

If you want to learn about Gandhi, the history of Bollywood films, or if you want to learn how to cook some excellent ethnic food in your home, we have you covered. India In Your Home also supplies you with excellent content on the country's art, its popular religions, its economy, government and detailed information on each of its states and union territories. Essentially, you name it and it is probably here.

In addition with connecting with India culture and history, you can connect with us and our other visitors who share your interest by joining our blog, messaging us, adding Facebook comments to our pages, liking us on Facebook and other social media platforms with our on site buttons. We have a share feature on our site so you can share what you have discovered with your friends and family. We work very hard to make this site as enjoyable and as interactive as possible and we add new content all the time!

To begin exploring, simply click on a link from the main page categories to your left in the green navigation bar; they will take you wherever you want to go. If you click on he Bollywood Movies link, you can prepare to learn about the Indian version of Hollywood. If you click on the economy link, you can learn about the country's financial status. Whatever you are looking for, we hope you have great time!

Please let us know if you feel like there is information that you think would make India in Your Home better, and we will consider adding it. Again, welcome and enjoy connecting with India culture and history, ad much, much more. We think it is the world's kindest and most colorful country and we think you will soon agree. Enjoy!


India In Your Home

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