India Art: the World's Most Beautiful!

India art truly is some of the world's most colorful and beautiful! Vibrant Indian arts include dance, paintings, films, clothing, architectural design, sculptures, rugs, music, jewelery, Indian food and more. Bright colors are found in nearly all of the art of India. Indian artist use a lot of color in their creative works, whether they are making something to be eaten, admired or visually enjoyed.

Below is an example of an Indian area rug. The artist used a vibrant red as its background color. The arts of India reflect political, religious and social influences. Art culture in India has changed since the beginning of Indian civilization, which has seen artistic expression grow throughout Indian history, no doubt due to much social interaction. Many western scholars have had a challenge in trying to understand the origins of the art in India. This is partially because India's art culture began long ago, during the start of human civilization in India.

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It's important to understand the culture of India in order to understand the origins of its art influences. While India art can be depicted as an juxtaposition of outside cultural influences, it has aspects that are very unique and distinctive to India.

Some art showcases the human figure with curvaceous lines, round-figured goddesses, and gods depicted with sacred animals. Symbols like the Om and the Swastika are often depicted in artwork, because of their deep meaning within the culture. Art in India features amulets, bright colored stones, and yellow gold. These are often found in gorgeous jewelry designs. Arched domes, haloed deities, crescent moons, and the sun are often featured in Indian architecture.

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Indian sculptures and paintings often represent the energy and loving nature of the proud Indian people. The story of Indian art is also the story of the oldest and the strongest culture on earth. Art has changed in India because the culture has become more and more innovative and art is a reflection of society in many cases.

One of the best aspects of Indian art and architecture has always been the prevalence of folk idioms and folk art. I find that whether you are looking for a painting, sculpture, piece of jewelry, or architecture, India has fantastic artwork in all of these areas.

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