A Physical Map of India

A Physical Map of India Can Help to Visualize the Country

Welcome to our page pertaining to maps of India. Have you ever looked at a physical map of India? You should because maps are probably the most useful tools we have to help us understand the location and geography of a country. They take care to depict a country in an educational way. Maps are great because they open our eyes to the size, shape, and location of a country. The also reflect a country's location in respect to neighboring countries and bodies of water too. This is why schools have us learn to view and read maps at an early age in our social studies and geography classes.

Maps can really help us visualize the layout of a country, the location of specific cities, the division of states, where the various bodies of water, such as the River Ganges,  are located, and much more. Different maps of India can show us different information. This page contains several physical maps of India. There is a basic concept map that includes the design of the Flag of India, a map that depicts India and the countries surrounding it, a map that shows the location of the many states of India, and a map that depicts the elevation of the land. By reviewing and studying these, you will be able to better put the geography of India into a perspective that you can understand.

If you have not yet visited India, it can be tough to picture this beautiful country and its layout, as well as its colorful culture, but these maps can certainly help. Not all maps are created equally and some serve very different purposes. As you will learn on this page, some maps are geared more towards artistry, while others towards science, and some just contain helpful, educational information.

This map of India is very basic and really only showcases a few of the major regions of the country. It seems that its primary purpose is to pridefully display the colors of the Flag of India in the shape of the country.
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Sometimes, when westerners think of Asia, they may think of countries like Japan, Korea, and China. However, India is a very large Asian country. Even the simplest maps can provide you with various facts, borders and aspects of a country. Those featured here are intended to give you a clearer picture of India, its location, and its neighboring countries. Viewing pictures of India can also help you familiarize yourself with the country.

India is located in South Asia. It shares borders with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal, Bhutan and China. Below is a map that shows where India is located in respect to these other Asian countries. You will notice that South India includes Sri Lanka, which is where the famous Hip-hop star M.I.A. is from. The Maldives are also located to the the south of India. These are very famous areas for surfing and free diving activities.

This physical map of India is a great tool for understanding India's location in the world with respect to its neighboring countries.
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The physical map of India below shows how all of the different India States and Union Territories of India are divided. The states and union territories of India are referred to as the Republic of India. The state on the west-center side of the map, labeled Gujarat,is where my wife's family comes from and where we were married. All Indian States have something special and unique to offer; you can explore them all by clicking on "States" on our navigation bar to your left! Rajasthan is the State of India to visit Agra, where the famous Taj Mahal is located. You can visit our Taj Mahal button to check out that page and to discover other exciting travel destination of India!

physical map of india, india states, india today

For a more detailed look at India, we can always turn to a physical map of India like the one displayed below. This one includes a key to help us understand different elevation levels throughout the country. Physical maps tend to share more information. They tend to list major bodies of water, major cities, large rivers, states, neighboring countries and more. This one is great for someone who is planning to travel to popular India tourism destinations, like the Taj Mahal.

physical map of india, india states, india today

Check out a more detailed description of India, including land topography.

We hope you enjoyed checking out these physical maps of India! Be sure to take advantage of learning about the culture of India, Indian food, Indian weddings, and all of the other amazing information we have created for you. You can start by clicking the link below to learn what India is like today. Then, perhaps you want to check out the section of our site about Ancient India. Enjoy!

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